Spring 2022 Course Schedule

Religious Studies Spring 2022 Course Schedule

NLL-112 A25659Elementary HebrewKenneth G HoglundMWF 01:00-01:50 
REL-101 A26669Introduction to ReligionLeann C PaceTR 09:30-10:45 
REL-101 B26677Introduction to ReligionLeann C PaceTR 12:30-01:45 
REL-101 C26684Introduction to ReligionRonald B NealTR 02:00-03:15 
REL-101 D26687Introduction to ReligionLynn S NealTR 03:30-04:45 
REL-101 E26690Introduction to ReligionLucas F JohnstonWF 09:30-10:45 
REL-101 F26691Introduction to ReligionLucas F JohnstonWF 11:00-12:15 
REL-102 A25668Introduction to the BibleKenneth G HoglundMWF 09:00-09:50 
REL-103A A26627IntroductiontoChristianTraditiTara Baldrick-MorroneMWF 9:00-9:50 
REL-103A B26628IntroductiontoChristianTraditiTara Baldrick-MorroneMWF 10:00-10:50 
REL-103A C26635IntroductiontoChristianTraditiStephen B BoydTR 08:00-09:15 
REL-106 A26633The Bible in AmericaMary F FoskettMW 02:00-03:15 
REL-107 A26629Intro to African ReligionsSimeon IlesanmiMW 02:00-03:15 
REL-108 A26694Intro to Hindu TraditionsJarrod L WhitakerWF 09:30-10:45 
REL-109 A26632Intro to Buddhist TraditionsJames L FordMW 12:30-01:45 
REL-109 B26696Intro to Buddhist TraditionsJarrod L WhitakerWF 12:30-01:45 
REL-110 A26670Intro to Islamic TraditionsKimberly T WortmannTR 09:30-10:45 
REL-110 B26673Intro to Islamic TraditionsKimberly T WortmannTR 11:00-12:15 
REL-110 C26692Intro to Islamic TraditionsNelly Van Doorn HarderWF 09:30-10:45 
REL-110 D26695Intro to Islamic TraditionsNelly Van Doorn HarderWF 11:00-12:15 
REL-113 A26676Intro to Jewish TraditionsAnnalise Glauz-TodrankTR 12:30-01:45 
REL-113 B26683Intro to Jewish TraditionsAnnalise Glauz-TodrankTR 02:00-03:15 
REL-200 A26636Approaches to Study ReligionAnnalise Glauz-TodrankTR 09:30-10:45 
REL-290 A26634SpTop:Jesus & BuddhaJames L Ford
Mary F Foskett
MW 05:00-06:15 
REL-290 B26637Sp.To:Seeing w/ the Native Eye

1.5 hours/1st half semester
Stephen B BoydTR 09:30-10:45 
REL-317 A26626Wisdom LiteratureKenneth G HoglundMWF 10:00-10:50 
REL-332 A26685Religion & Public EngagementStephen B Boyd
Tanisha Ramachandran
T 03:30-06:00 
REL-335 A26630Rel Ethics & Problems of WarSimeon IlesanmiMW 12:30-01:45 
REL-345 A26674African-Amer Rel ExperienceRonald B NealTR 12:30-01:45 
REL-362 A26881Topics in Islam:Muslim YouthKimberly T WortmannTR 02:00-03:15 
REL-390 A26671SpTp:HolyChow:Food&ReligionLeann C PaceTR 11:00-12:15 
REL-390 B26679SpTp: OMG! I’m queer!

1.5 hours/2ndhalf semester
Tanisha RamachandranTR 12:30-01:45 
REL-617 AG27295Wisdom Literature Kenneth G Hoglund MWF 10:00-10:50 
REL-632 AG26686Religion and Public EngagementStephen B Boyd
Tanisha Ramachandran
T 03:30-06:00 
REL-635 AG26631Christian Ethics & Prob WarSimeon IlesanmiMW 12:30-01:45 
REL-645 AG26675African American Rel ExpRonald B NealTR 12:30-01:45 
REL-662 AG26882Topics in Islam: Muslim YouthKimberly T WortmannTR 02:00-03:15 
REL-690 AG26672SpTp:HolyChow:Food&ReligionLeann C PaceTR 11:00-12:15 
REL-690 BG26680SpTp:OMG! I’m queer!
1.5 hours/2ndhalf semester
Tanisha RamachandranTR 12:30-01:45 
REL-690 CG26682SpTp: Muslim YouthTanisha RamachandranTR 02:00-03:15 
REL-781 AG26688Rel&the Production of HistoryTara Baldrick-MorroneMW 02:00-03:15