64826REL-101 AIntroduction to ReligionTR 12:30-01:45Leann C. Pace
64828REL-101 BIntroduction to ReligionTR 09:30-10:45Tanisha Ramachandran
64851REL-101 CIntroduction to ReligionTR 02:00-03:15Ronald Brian Neal
64852REL-101 DIntroduction to ReligionTR 03:30-04:45Ronald Brian Neal
64820REL-102 AIntroduction to the BibleMWF 09:00-09:50Kenneth G. Hoglund
65213REL-103A AIntroduction to Christian TraditionsMWF 11:00-11:50Michael Grigoni
65214REL-103A BIntroduction to Christian TraditionsMWF 01:00-01:50Michael Grigoni
65363REL-104C AIntroduction to East Asian ReligionsTR 03:30-04:45Emily Blythe Simpson
64825REL-106 AThe Bible in AmericaTR 05:00-06:15Mary F. Foskett
64822REL-107 AIntroduction to African ReligionsMW 05:00-06:15Simeon Ilesanmi
65364REL-107 BIntroduction to African ReligionsWF 02:00-03:15Kimberly Teresa Wortmann
64829REL-108 AIntroduction to Hindu TraditionsTR 11:00-12:15Tanisha Ramachandran
64836REL-108 BIntroduction to Hindu TraditionsWF 09:30-10:45Jarrod L. Whitaker
65152REL-109 AIntroduction to Buddhist TraditionsTR 11:00-12:15Emily Blythe Simpson
63548REL-110 AIntroduction to Islamic TraditionsWF 11:00-12:15Pieternella Antonia Van Doorn Harder
63587REL-110 BIntroduction to Islamic TraditionsWF 12:30-01:45Pieternella Antonia Van Doorn Harder
64834REL-110 CIntroduction to Islamic TraditionsWF 09:30-10:45Kimberly Teresa Wortmann
64835REL-110 DIntroduction to Islamic TraditionsWF 11:00-12:15Kimberly Teresa Wortmann
63531REL-113 AIntroduction to Jewish TraditionsTR 02:00-03:15Annalise Elizabeth Glauz-Todrank
63532REL-113 BIntroduction to Jewish TraditionsMW 02:00-03:15Andrew V. Ettin
63539REL-113 CIntroduction to Jewish TraditionsMW 03:30-04:45Andrew V. Ettin
64821REL-230 AReligion and the U.S. ConstitutionMW 12:30-01:45Simeon Ilesanmi
64850REL-246 AReligion and RaceTR 11:00-12:15Annalise Elizabeth Glauz-Todrank
64832REL-306 ARitual StudiesWF 11:00-12:15Jarrod L. Whitaker
64823REL-340 AHoly Chow! Food and ReligionTR 09:30-10:45Leann C. Pace
64831REL-383 AThe Quran and the ProphetWF 09:30-10:45Pieternella Antonia Van Doorn Harder
65262REL-390 ASpecial Topics: Sanskrit IIITBAJarrod L. Whitaker
63573REL-399 AWhat’s Next? Religious Studies Beyond WFUTBAMary F. Foskett
64915REL-606 AGRitual StudiesWF 11:00-12:15Jarrod L. Whitaker
64916REL-640 AGHoly Chow: Food and ReligionTR 09:30-10:45Leann C. Pace
64921REL-683 AGThe Qur’an & the ProphetWF 09:30-10:45Pieternella Antonia Van Doorn Harder