Mary Foskett Receives Society for Biblical Literature Mentoring Award

Mary Foskett is Wake Forest Kahle Professor at Wake Forest University, where she teaches undergraduate and graduate MA students in the Department for the Study of Religions and served as a founder and inaugural director of the WFU Humanities Institute. Her published articles, essays, monographs, and edited volumes include A Virgin Conceived: Mary and Classical Representations of Virginity (Indiana University Press) and Ways of Being, Ways of Reading: Asian-American Biblical Interpretation, co-edited with Jeffrey Kah-Jin Kuan (Chalice Press). Foskett is an active participant in the SBL and a past member and Chair of the SBL Council. 

The Status of Women in the Profession Outstanding Service in Mentoring Awards
Each year at the SBL Annual Meeting, CSWP honors women who have been excellent mentors to women in the field. These mentors have provided invaluable guidance, advice, and encouragement. They serve as role models and assist other women in navigating career choices, building professional networks, and developing strategies for work-life balance. CSWP honors mentors in order to recognize their contributions and to encourage mentoring relationships.