Dr. Ken Hoglund

Portrait Picture of Dr. Ken Hoglund faculty of the Department for the Study of Religions


Office: 309 Divinity and Religious Studies Building

Phone: 336.758.5120

Email: hoglund@nullwfu.edu

  • Bio

    Dr. Hoglund has taught at NC State University, NC Wesleyan College, Duke University, and UNC-Chapel Hill prior to joining the faculty at Wake Forest University in 1990. He was co-researcher along with Profs. Eric and Carol Meyers at the site of Sepphoris in the Galilee as part of the Joint Sepphoris Project. He has held a number of leadership roles including past American Schools of Oriental Research-SE President, and Society of Biblical Literature-SE President. Since 2009 Dr. Hoglund has served as the Executive Director of the SE Commission for the Study of Religion. He frequently lectures within the community on various topics related to Biblical Studies and Religion. He is a licensed amateur radio operator and is deeply engaged in training with other operators to be prepared for public service in an emergency, and is the Assistant Emergency Coordinator for Forsyth County for the SKYWARN network.

  • Education and CV

    Ph.D., Duke University (Old Testament and Semitic Studies), 1989

    M.A., Duke University, 1986

    B.A., Wheaton College, IL (Archaeology and Near Eastern Studies), 1975

  • Publications

    Exegetical Essays on “Psalm 51,” “Psalm 91,” and “Psalm 99” in Feasting on the Word: Preaching the Revised Common Lectionary (Westminster/John Knox, 2009)

    Co-author with John Walton, “Zechariah,” Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary: Old Testament (2009)

    “Haggai,” Zondervan Illustrated Bible Backgrounds Commentary: Old Testament (2009)

    “Binnui,” “Bishalem,” “Jeshua,” and “Sepphoris” in The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, (2009).

  • Courses
    • REL 102: Introduction to the Bible
    • REL 105: Monotheisms: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
    • REL 310: The Prophetic Literature
    • REL 312: Critical Introduction to the Pentateuch
    • REL 317: Wisdom Literature
    • NLL 111, 112, 153, and 212: full two-year sequence of Classical Hebrew