Author Reem Faruqi Visits Kimberly Wortmann’s Introduction for Islamic Traditions’ Classes

The Study of Religions was delighted to welcome award-winning children’s book author Reem Faruqi to two sections of Dr. Kimberly Wortmann’s “Introduction to Islamic Traditions” course on 9.24.2021.

Before her arrival at WFU, students in these classes had the opportunity to read and discuss two of the author’s books about Ramadan and Eid titled, “Lailah’s Lunchbox” and “Amira’s Picture Day.”

In her presentation on these books and two others titled, “I Can Help” and “Unsettled”, Faruqi detailed her writing process and work with illustrators and publishers in the children’s book industry. The discussion focused on the importance of picture books and children’s literature in fostering religious literacy, critical empathy, and cross-cultural storytelling in readers of all ages.

You can learn more about this vibrant author on her website!

Author Reem Faruqi addresses Kimberly Wortmann’s Introduction to Islamic Traditions class