Dr. Stephen Boyd

John Allen Easley Professor of Religion

Office: 207 Divinity and Religious Studies Building

Phone: 336.758.5458

Email: boyd@nullwfu.edu

  • Bio

    Stephen B. Boyd, M.Div., Th.D. Harvard Divinity School, is the J. Allen Easley Professor of Religion at Wake Forest University. He teaches courses on the history of Christianity and Christian thought, gender studies, and religion and public life. He has been awarded The Don Schoonmaker Faculty Prize for Community Service (2005) and the The Reid Doyle Prize for Excellence in Teaching (1989). He has authored Pilgram Marpeck: His Life and Social Theology (Duke University Press, 1992); The Men We Long to Be (Harper San Francisco 1995 & Pilgrim Press, 1997); and (editor) Redeeming Men: Religion and Masculine Identity (Westminster/John Knox, 1996). His most recent book, Making Justice Our Business: The Wrongful Conviction of Darryl Hunt and the Work of Faith (Wipf & Stock, 2011) deals with race, religion and the criminal justice system. He has also served as co-chair of the Men’s Studies in Religion Group of the American Academy of Religion, President of the American Men’s Studies Association, and was a founder of Communities Helping All Neighbors Gain Empowerment (C.H.A.N.G.E.) in Winston-Salem.

  • Education and CV

    Th.D., Harvard University Divinity School, (Church History/Historical Theology) , 1984

    M.Div., Harvard University Divinity School, 1979

    B.A., University of Tennessee (History), 1976

    Curriculum Vitae

  • Publications

    Recent Publications

    • Stephen Boyd, “Es gibt keine Umwelt: Die staatlich geförderte genozidale Bedrohung einer Kupfermine,’ [“There is No Environment: The State-Sponsored Genocidal Threat of a Copper Mine”] Steffen Richter (Hg.), Dritte Natur. Technik – Kapital – Umwelt. Jahrgang 2 (2020) H. 3
    • Boyd, “The Visceral Roots of Racism and Cultural ‘Spaces of Appearing’ Created by Community Organizing” in Ulrike Wiethaus and Anthony Parent, eds., Trauma and Resilience in American Indian and African American Southern History (Peter Lang, 2013)
    • Stephen Boyd and Mark Justad.“The American Men’s Studies Association at 20: The Kind of Place AMSA Attempts to Create: Goals, Practices, and Effects” Journal of Men’s Studies, 21:1 (2013)
    • Boyd, “Trajectories in Men’s Studies in Religion: Theories, Methodologies, and Issues,” in Björn Krondorfer, editor, Men and Masculinities in Christianity and Judaism: A Critical Reader (SCM-Canterbury Press, 2009).
    • Boyd, Connections: Year C, Volume 3, Lectionary Commentary 2, Joel Green, Thomas Long, Luke Powery, Cynthia Rigby, Eds., (Louisville, KY: Westminster John Knox Press, 2019)Luke 7:36-8:3, Proper 6;  Luke 8:26-39, Proper 7; Luke 9:51-62, Proper 8
  • Courses

    REL 103 Introduction to the Christian Traditions

    REL 368 The Protestant and Catholic Reformations

    REL 369 Radical Christian Movements

    REL 372 The History of Christian Thought

    REL 366 Gender and Religion

    REL 340 Men’s Studies and Religion

    REL 332 Religion and Public Engagement