Current Course Schedule

Religious Studies Fall 2021 Course Schedule

NLL-111 A99088Elementary HebrewHoglundMWF 1:00-1:50
REL-101 A99107Introduction to ReligionR NealTR 12:30-1:45
REL-101 B99108Introduction to ReligionR NealTR 03:30-4:45
REL-101 C99131Introduction to ReligionPaceTR 09:30 -10:45
REL-101 D99137Introduction to ReligionPaceTR 12:30-01:45
REL-102 A99093Introduction to the BibleHoglundMWF 10:00-10:50
REL-102 B99094Introduction to the BibleHoglundMWF 02:00-02:50
REL-103A A99103Introduction to Christian TraditionsBoydTR 09:30-10:45
REL -103A B99637Introduction to Christian TraditionsBaldrick-MorroneMWF 09:00-09:50
REL -103A C99638Introduction to Christian TraditionsBaldrick-MorroneMWF 10:00-10:50
REL -103A D99639Introduction to Christian TraditionsBaldrick-MorroneMWF 01:00-01:50
REL -103A E99794Introduction to Christian TraditionsBoydTR 08:00-09:15
REL-103B A99280Intro. to Latin American Christian TraditionsGandolfoTR 12:30-01:45
REL-104A A99106Introduction to Asian ReligionsFordTR 11:00-12:15
REL-106 A99111The Bible in AmericaFoskettTR 05:00-06:15
REL-106 B99118The Bible in AmericaFoskettTR 06:30-07:45
REL-107 A99092Intro to African ReligionsIlesanmiMW 05:00-06:15
REL-109 A99138Intro to Buddhist TraditionsWhitakerW F 11:00-12:15
REL-110 A99105Intro to Islamic TraditionsWortmannTR 09:30-10:45
REL-110 B99110Introduction to Islamic TraditionsWortmannTR 11:00-12:15
REL-113 A99104Intro to Jewish TraditionsGlauz-TodrankTR 12:30-01:45
REL-230 A99091Religion & the US ConstitutionIlesanmiMW 02:00-03:15
REL-266 A99109Religious Sects and CultsL NealTR 05:00-06:15
REL-341/641 A/AG99099/99100Religion and EcologyJohnstonTR 12:30-01:45
REL-355/655 A/AG99097/99098Jewish Idents:Rel, Race&RightsGlauz-TodrankTR 11:00-12:15
REL-375/675 A/AG99095/99096Race, Myth, & Amer ImaginationR NealTR 09:30-10:45
REL-381/681 A/AG99101/99102Zen BuddhismFordTR 02:00-03:15
REL-700 AG99140Theory & Method in St of RelWhitakerF 12:30-03:00