Course Schedule

Fall '21 Course Schedule

Fall '21 Upper Level Courses

Fall 2021 Upper-Level Course Offerings

Religion 230: Religion and the U.S. Constitution.
(3 hours, Group II—Religion, History, and Society)  
Dr. Simeon Ilesanmi
Introduces the complex relationship between religion and the U.S. government through an in-depth analysis of the nation’s founding documents and the subsequent series of First Amendment church-state decisions rendered by the United States Supreme Court.

Religion 266: Religious Sects & Cults.
(3 hours, Group II—Religion, History, and Society)
Dr. Lynn Neal    
Examines historical and contemporary issues in the study of new religious movements by analyzing media coverage of “cults” and investigating the history of specific groups.

Religion 341: Religion & Ecology
(3 hours, Group II—Religion, History, and Society)
Dr. Luke Johnston                                                  
A cross-cultural examination of the relationships among human beings, their diverse cultures, habitats, and religions, including social and political understandings of the environment.

REL 355: Jewish Identities: Religion, Race, & Rights.
(3 hours, Group II—Religion, History, and Society) 
Dr. Annalise Glauz-Todrank
Examines how evolving definitions of race, religion, and Jewishness have correlated and conflicted in varied and sometimes surprising ways and how these shifts have been tied to legal rights and social privileges. CD

REL 372: History of Christian Thought.
(3 hours, Group II—Religion, History, and Society)
Dr. Steve Boyd
Study of recurring patterns in Christian thought across time and cultures and some of the implications of those patterns in representative ancient and modern Christian figures.

REL 375: Race, Myth, & the American Imagination.
(3 hours, Group II— Religion, History, and Society)
Dr. Ron Neal
A study of myth and mythology in relation to the racial imaginary in America. CD

REL 381: Zen Buddhism.
(3 hours, Group III–World Religions)
Dr. Jay Ford
Examines the origins and development of Zen Buddhism fromChina (Ch’an) to Japan and contemporary America. Attention is given to Zen doctrine and practice in the context of the broader Buddhist tradition. (CD)

Spring '21 Course Schedule

Spring '21 Upper Level Courses

Spring 2021 Upper-Level Course Offerings

Religion 200: Approaches to the Study of Religion
(3 hours, General credit) 
Dr. Jarrod Whitaker
Explores the history of and methodological resources for the study of religion. Focus may vary with instructor, but the emphasis is on the ways religion has been defined, studied, and interpreted over the last several centuries.
Offered Wednesday/Friday at 2:00. Face to Face.

REL 290: The Art of Meditation: Walking the Ancient St. Cuthbert’s Way
(3 hours, Group II—Religion, History, and Society)
Dr. Ulrike Wiethaus
WFU Short-Term Abroad Program: Reynolda Campus and Scotland
Site-specific study of early medieval Christianity & pilgrimage. Daily walking along the Way. Students will immerse themselves into the intersections of ecology, the history of Christian spirituality (with accommodation for non-Christian traditions), personal growth, and interdisciplinary academic work in the art of meditation.
Offered Thursdays from 4-6:30 on campus April 8, 15, 22, 29. Trip to Scotland is scheduled for May 19-June 1, 2021.

REL 310: The Prophetic Literature
(3 hours, Group I—Biblical Studies
Dr. Ken Hoglund. 
Examines the development and theological contents of the literary products of Israel’s prophetic movement.
Offered Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 9:00. Online-synchronous.

REL 323: Jesus Traditions
(3 hours, Group I—Biblical Studies)
Dr. Mary Foskett
Examines ancient Christian and other religious representations of Jesus in historical, social, cultural and theological context.
Offered Wednesday/Friday at 11:00. Online-synchronous and asynchronous.

REL 347: Religion, Gender, & Sexuality
(3 hours, Group II–Religion, History, and Society)
Dr. Tanisha Ramachandran.
Explores how “religion” regulates and normalizes gender and sexuality.
Offered Tuesday/Thursday at 12:30. Online-synchronous and asynchronous.     

REL 376: Race Religion & Film
(3 hours, Group II–Religion, History, and Society)
Dr. Ronald Neal
Examines past and contemporary filmmakers who couple religious themes with racial concerns. (CD)
Offered Tuesday/Thursday at 3:30. Face-to-face.

REL 383: Quran & the Prophet
(3 hours, Group III—World Religions)
Dr. Nelly van Doorn-Harder
Examines the history, content, and main approaches to the sacred book of Islam. Explores the influence and interaction between the holy word and its transmitter the Prophet Muhammad. (CD)
Offered Tuesday/Thursday at 11:00. Online-synchronous and asynchronous.

REL 390: Religion and Environmental Justice in Latin America
(3 hours, Group II— Religion, History, and Society; ENV and LAS credit)
Dr. Elizabeth Gandolfo
Examines historical and contemporary relationships between environmental justice and religion in Latin America. Special focus on religious dimensions of leadership in movements for social & ecological well-being.
Offered Monday/Wednesday at 12:30. Online-synchronous. 

REL 390: 1893 Parliament of Religions: The Most Important Religious Event You’ve Never Heard About
(1.5 hours, Group II— Religion, History, and Society)
Dr. Leann Pace
Examines the 1893 World’s Parliament of Religions in Chicago, often heralded as the first interfaith gathering and an important step forward in the academic study of religions in the United States.
Offered Tuesday/Thursday at 9:30 for the first half of the semester.  Online-synchronous.

REL 399: Senior Colloquy
(1 hour, General credit)
Dr. Lynn Neal.
This one-hour capstone course, required for senior majors, is structured around writing and reflection on the major through readings, discussions, and portfolio development.
Day and time to be established with student schedules. Online-synchronous.

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